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Studies have shown that students who’s schooling includes arts programming do better in all of their classes, helping them learn focus, comprehension, and communication skills. As students start the new school year with challenges no one ever could have predicted, schools have been forced to cut their arts budgets during a time when arts education is more important than ever. 


With your help, we can continue to teach our students, not only theatre and Shakespeare, but valuable life skills that will serve them in the years to come. We believe theatre nurtures compassion, kindness, love, and social skills that will help them navigate this new and undiscovered world we’re living in. With your donation, you are investing in these students and their futures.

How else can you help?

  • DONATE to the 2020 Education Fundraiser on our website.

  • SHARE our posts about the fundraiser on your social media accounts. 

  • SEND our fundraiser to friends who might be able to contribute.

  • LIKE and COMMENT on our posts on Instagram and in our Facebook Group to get more people engaged.

Goal: $5,000

These students deserve art.
Invest in that. 

Education Fundraiser Videos

Tycent performing Prospero from the Tempest

Grace Rao - Teaching Artist at PS 108

Gaby - Student from Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics

T'mya - Student from Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics

Kellie Taylor - Education Director of Shakespeare Forum

Kelsie - Program Director at MCSM

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