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1) Reach out to, and perform/teach in, high need (Title One) New York City Public Schools. According to the US Department of Education, Title One means that at least 40% of a school's students must be from low-income families who qualify under the United States Census's definition of low income. Additionally, The Shakespeare Forum would like to emphasize reaching schools in New York City's District 75.


District 75 provides citywide educational, vocational, and behavior support programs for students who are on the autism spectrum, have significant cognitive delays, are severely emotionally challenged, sensory impaired and/or multiply disabled (from

2) Provide teacher workshops where ELA (English Language Arts) and Arts/ Drama educators are provided with strategies, activities and resources with which to teach Shakespeare in an engaging and relevant manner in their own classrooms while connecting to the Common Core Standards.

The Shakespeare Forum Education Department has two main goals:

Through our school visits, educator workshops, and focus on reaching Title One and District 75 schools, The Shakespeare Forum hopes to help build a vibrant and passionate young community of future performers and audience members.


For information on organizing a school visit or educator workshop, please contact us at:


If you would like to support additional educational programming, please browse our Wish List for opportunities waiting to happen.  If you have a specific program or school you would like to fund a workshop for, please email us at

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