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We offer workshops for all levels of student, Grade 1 through college, in:

  • Introduction to Shakespeare

  • Understanding Shakespeare - Verse and Text

  • Acting Shakespeare

  • Unlocking Your Imagination

  • Clown

  • Acting and Theatre


Each workshop is tailored and differentiated to the individual school/group’s need and we are happy to create custom designed workshop for your students.


"We had the pleasure of working with The Shakespeare Forum on multiple occasions in the theater program at Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning School. They have worked with us on workshops with 6th and 8th grade Shakespeare workshops for our study of Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth. The workshops were meaningful and engaging. They brought Shakespeare’s words to life in an exciting way! We partnered with them last fall for our after school programs. Claire’s energy, expertise and enthusiasm brought so much to our students! She was so professional and engaging! The students loved working with her, as did I. I would strongly recommend The Shakespeare Forum!"

-Sarah Bever, Theater Teacher

(Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning School)



Why we need to provide arts programming in schools:

The current debate about the value and impact of arts education in schools is valid, vital and complex in nature. The Shakespeare Forum believes that offering some form of arts education is one of several crucial steps which schools can take that can ultimately lead to the narrowing (and, hopefully, closing) of the achievement gap.


In 1997, the Arts Education Partnership commissioned and published a compendium of 66 recent research pieces conducted in the field of arts & education. The result was "Critical Links: Learning in the Arts and Student Academic and Social Development". Below are some of their findings:

The impact of arts programming on students in a regular education setting:

In the "Stand and Unfold Yourself" study - A Monograph on the Shakespeare & Company Research Study, a team of researchers observed artist-teachers work for 2+ months with over 400 students in 10 schools. One of the independent reviewers concluded: " This program.. [shows] arts-based, project-based learning can assist students in developing higher-order thinking and problem-solving skills". 

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