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"NY and the Internet can encourage cynicism and a distanced wit. The Shakespeare Forum reminds me, each week, the value of earnestness." - Zelda Knapp, Actor/Writer


"The Shakespeare Forum is a treasure of hearts in love with Shakespeare who fiercely support one another. It is home and lifeline, inspirational and practical. It opens hearts and blows minds. The work done each week at Forum is stunning in its expertise and simplicity." - Paul Battiato, Actor


"What I love most about the Shakespeare forum is its warm spirit of community and inclusion. It is a space where actors have the freedom and comfort to make bold choices, whether they fall flat or touch on something  brilliant." - Elliot Eustis, Actor

Reflections on Open Workshops...


"My creativity is refreshed and challenged on a weekly basis. I am utterly inspired by the group's kindness, generosity of spirit, and true desire to see each other grow and expand."

- Kelly Zekas, Resident Artist 


"I feel so fortunate to have stumbled upon this weekly workshop; the caliber of intellectual discussion is surpassed only by the compassion members show one another. I encourage you all to support this vibrant community of artists." - Dominique Salerno, Actor

"Every time I go to forum, I walk away feeling uplifted, inspired, and filled with joy. I'm reminded of why we call it a play. "

- Elise Toscano, Actor


"If you are an actor, if you are a lover of acting or Shakespeare, or of personal, artistic, and spiritual growth, look into The Shakespeare Forum, learn what they do and dive right in. I'm not an actor or a 'Shakespearean,' but bet you fifty bucks I will go back." 

- Stephen Mosher, Photographer


"So good to be amidst the love and creativity of Forum last night... truly our best and most uplifting refuge is the joy of our work, shared together. I have yet to attend a Forum without leaving moved and astonished." 

- James Beaman, Actor

Reflections on Classes ... 

(gathered anonymously)


"[Claire] knows how to bring it out of me – what I hide or what I need to shed light on about challenges I have with myself and my acting and she does so in a warm and judgment-free way."


"I left this class feeling centered, while feeling I’m really moving forward in my work….This class is emotionally freeing and really eye opening in the best way for actors"


"I learned a great deal about myself and my work and my auditioning that will absolutely help me to get more jobs in the future"


"We were viewed as human beings that are actors and what we share, we can share without fear of judgement. There was a level of trust built in so early that it was all about the work, not the actor."


"I loved the class and looked forward to it. It helped demystify Shakespeare a bit for me and I am now not afraid of it."

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