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Act 1, Scene 1 (6 weeks)

Whether you are a Shakespeare newbie or a polished pro, we'll meet you where you are and guide you through the next steps of your artistic process. Through personalized exercises, monologues, and scene work, you'll deepen your understanding of how to express your truths in Shakespeare's language. We'll explore vocal and physical aspects of your work, challenging your doubts and liberating you from your habits and old stories. You'll heighten your presence and grow your sense of play.

This class will run 8:00pm to 10:00pm, Thursdays, May 6th - June 10th on Zoom

Cost of class is $200 per person.* 

Virtual Verse and Text Class (6 weeks)

Come explore the mechanics of Shakespeare's writing! Verse structure, figurative language, and rhetoric can reveal creative opportunities for actors and directors, allowing for a more personal connection and nuanced expression. You'll learn fun techniques and useful tools that can quickly open up any text, empowering you to make active, confident choices in table work or cold-readings. We'll progress from the basics of working with Shakespeare's verse to advanced performance techniques. Knowledge is power; come play!

Dates TBD


Cost of class is $200 per person.* 

Other offerings ...
Graduate School Audition Prep (offered Nov-Jan)

Want to really shine in your graduate school auditions?  Come learn how these auditions work, how they're different from other auditions, what the schools are actually looking for, and how to proceed with confidence in your authentic artistic voice.  We'll guide you through the whole process in a series of group classes, individual coaching sessions, and mock auditions.  Go on this journey with fellow applicants who share your concerns and hopes.  Past students have been accepted into the top ranked programs in the US and internationally.  Give yourself the opportunity you deserve to take the time to prep for what can often seem like a harrowing experience alone.  This class offers you the deadlines, the one-on-one time, and the insight into your work that can help serve you better than your mirror or cat.

Shakespeare and ... (new dates coming soon)

This series of classes will include presentations, discussion and text work to take a look between the lines at the world Shakespeare lived in, the influences on his thinking, and the big human subjects that five the depth and power to his works.  Over 5 weeks, we will examine the religion, philosophy, science, warfare, politics, and mythology of Shakespeare's world and the geographical, historical, and fantasy setting he placed his works in.

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Payment Policies

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